Randal Holland Pottery
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Randal Holland, one of Alabama’s most renowned potters, lives and works in the Muscle Shoals area of Northwest Alabama. His unique works of art, in demand by pottery collectors from across the United States, are created in his studio in Muscle Shoals. Here you may see him at work and view his latest inspired creations.

You may also see his work displayed and sold in several local galleries including Casetta Gallery, Rosetta Stone Gallery, Artifacts Gallery, and others. The Muscle Shoals area is, in fact, teaming with artistic venues, among them the Tennessee Valley Art Center and the Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts, where visual arts of all descriptions may be enjoyed or purchased.

The Helen Keller Fine Arts and Crafts Festival and other similar events held in the region offer exciting opportunities to shop for arts, including Randall Holland’s exceptional pottery.

The artist is best known for textured high fired stoneware. He has been professionally creating his vessels since 1978. He claims as inspiration, the rich musical heritage of Muscle Shoals. His art has been purchased and is prized by more than 20,000 collectors.